Every Step On The Path Of Life Leads Toward The Sublime Synchronicity Of Your Full Spectrum Heart

hunger cages

to the thrum of ancient drums

flickering together

adaptable blackness of carbon
lines revitalized bonfires

and now we hunt
the healing electricity
inside us

blissful fingers
trace circles of sky
that parachute down

planting seeds
of epiphany

that sprout
towards destiny

vulnerability and strength
providing momentum in equal measure

as shared hailstorm eyes
sway hypnotically like happy cobras

all baskets are forgotten
in the simple motion
of back and forth

the stunning breadth
of cosmic communication

an infinite playground
to expand into

flickers of a grin
emerging like the way
stars are born

space-time and gravity
leaving us free to devour
the effervescing summit
of spiritual adoration

as we place hands inside of hands
our warm glowing hearth

creates a dimension
in between the furious calm

where we no longer hope
for the end of yearning

for we have discovered
each other


two souls
mining poetry

cultivating endless gardens
of euphoria

even the dainty flutter
of moonbeams

as they attempt to delicately capture
the way we tilt our heads

when we are caught
kissing in the dark



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