The Point On The Universal Map At Which I Began To Love You More Than Life Itself

Inebriated by the elegant arc
of a blustering stormwind passion

seven sonorous seas glitter
within the serenading sandstorm
of her soul-rich eyes.

The curl of her Dutch lips is ripe
with immortal healing whispers,
potent shamanistic heart-blessings
poured into my bliss-dizzy head
like the mightiest starburn,
like thunder rendered mute,
lightning powered down
into the feathery tranquility
of her robust autumnal smile.

Waking flowers trumpet your arrival,
leaning into the wind as if to touch you lightly,
as if to taste the way your breath beautifully billows
in the chilly cat-stretch of early morning.

Destroy my bonds,
delectable temptress of the divine winds

for when we raise our crowns skyward
each reverent gulp of each other’s oxygen

will shapeshift into an eternal flock of hungry I Love Yous
that rise in V-formation like cosmic fighter pilots,

casting bombs of incendiary ambrosia
into the battlefield of our eyes,
redesigning the silhouettes of our bodies,
adapting to love’s levitating presence like a second skin,
polishing every unvarnished love frequency into immaculate,
cherished obsidian.

From this high rise of forlorn regret
twin cosmic creations beam into the ecstatic multiverse

with a shared consciousness that eventually burns into the resilient
yet vulnerable geometry of a shared diamond gaze;

a true love dive
into an ocean
of enslaved solar storms

the lightning of today
burying the tombs of the past,
welcoming a new physics
of poetry in motion

a heart-shaped worldline
of infinite adoration

playing out one delirious
instant at a time

never letting go

yet always relinquishing
the mistakes of the past

in order to feast upon
fresh vicissitudes of the present.



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