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Greetings wise word warriors!  Calibrate your settings for the Center Of The Sun and squeeze the trigger.  Watch as poems, songs, and other space-time oddities emerge while I surf across various singularities, quill in hand, dipping into the inky streams of cosmic consciousness that seems to surround us all like a quantum ocean of devastating possibility…

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A Bewitching Interlude That Crescendos Like Raindrops Falling From The Sun

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The Incendiary Transmutation Of Our Astonishing And Indomitable Skylight

The resounding agility
of your prismatic love beacon
strikes wildly across my internal horizon

the hunger of nightime
coalesced into effervescent lightning strikes

a high mountain storm kiss,
the blissful balm of your lips
showering the devastated landscape
of my fluctuating consciousness
with astonishing neon rejuvenation;

vivaciousness intricately stacked atom by atom
by the great wall of your unfathomable essence.

A riotous horde of
scintillating flakes of gold
descends boldly from the atmosphere’s edge.

Twin flames ignite the cosmos
with the indescribable intensity
of prison-breaking gravitational waves,
fierce dragonbreath singularities
exploding into the brittle stillness
like the eerie rays of dawn’s final light
before the instant of volcanic eruption:

the fragile silhouette of the village below
ripe with heartbreaking illumination,
the arc of their lives stretched out
across the vastness of existence,
preserved like insects in amber
by the molten gaze of the tornado’s watchful eye.

gentle wanderer,
how the sublime beauty
of our parallel heartsong
always rises phoenix-like
from the crumbling ashes of destruction.

See how
the blazing bonfire
of our infinite union
dances on and on.

as one.

as one.







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Holding The Bruised Rose Blossoms Of An Attempted Genetic Rinse

Juggernaut Of Yearning


The Lifestyle Of Centenarians Is More Plant-Strong, Maintaining Lower BMI and Total Cholesterol Levels Even If They Are Unaware Of Why They Are Successful Agers


By now you likely have heard about the incredible power of a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet in reversing chronic disease and and maximizing health.  Recently I have come across several anecdotal lists of individual centenarians in which some of their least healthy habits are encouraged and glorified, as if the reason they lived a long time was their consumption of small amounts of animal foods, whiskey, cigars, etc – when the reality is that they managed to overcome these bad habits because of their modest appetites, tendency to have certain favorite high-antioxidant plant foods such as prunes and chocolate, and regular physical activity.  Thus overall they eat much less of the foods that cause chronic disease.

Studies of centenarians reveal that their lifestyles are much more conducive to healthy aging: they maintain significantly lower BMI and total cholesterol.  For example in a 2016 study of Italian, Japanese and Spanish centenarians over 50% had a BMI that was considered “underweight” and another 43% or so had “normal” BMIs – very few make it to 100 carrying extra weight.  A sea of caloric restriction studies back this up – yet few can or would want to successfully starve themselves, so many choose to instead eat whole plant foods, achieving the benefits of fulfilling food at a much lower kcal cost, thus the success of those whom follow the advice of pioneering plant-powered doctors.

As you can see below, a more recent 2018 study shows that centenarians had a significantly lower total cholesterol, only 179 – much closer to the ideal of 150 and below, which the Framingham Heart Study has elucidated as the level at which no artery disease occurs (because it is a clear sign that animal foods and grease are rarely being consumed).Screenshot_2020-07-25 Table 2 Characterization of Portuguese Centenarian Eating Habits, Nutritional Biomarkers, and Cardiov[...].png

The longest lived people of the world eat a plant strong diet and are active, and anyone can experience the same benefits by maximally limiting animal foods and oil. If we give our bodies room to heal, the results are always amazing.  Just check out Ruth Heidrich, an early McDougaller that beat cancer and became an endurance athlete.  Inspiration galore!  Have fun! 🙂  It’s never too late to get healthy – Ruth had full blown breast cancer but chose to be a nutrition rebel instead of giving up.  Cheers to your health!








Please enjoy my books (FREE PDF VERSIONS HERE) and leave a 5 star review:

Holding The Bruised Rose Blossoms Of An Attempted Genetic Rinse

Juggernaut Of Yearning