The Incendiary Transmutation Of Our Astonishing And Indomitable Skylight

The resounding agility
of your prismatic love beacon
strikes wildly across my internal horizon

the hunger of nightime
coalesced into effervescent lightning strikes

a high mountain storm kiss,
the blissful balm of your lips
showering the devastated landscape
of my fluctuating consciousness
with astonishing neon rejuvenation;

vivaciousness intricately stacked atom by atom
by the great wall of your unfathomable essence.

A riotous horde of
scintillating flakes of gold
descends boldly from the atmosphere’s edge.

Twin flames ignite the cosmos
with the indescribable intensity
of prison-breaking gravitational waves,
fierce dragonbreath singularities
exploding into the brittle stillness
like the eerie rays of dawn’s final light
before the instant of volcanic eruption:

the fragile silhouette of the village below
ripe with heartbreaking illumination,
the arc of their lives stretched out
across the vastness of existence,
preserved like insects in amber
by the molten gaze of the tornado’s watchful eye.

gentle wanderer,
how the sublime beauty
of our parallel heartsong
always rises phoenix-like
from the crumbling ashes of destruction.

See how
the blazing bonfire
of our infinite union
dances on and on.

as one.

as one.







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Juggernaut Of Yearning


You Threw A Pebble Into The Stream, And The Ripple Sent A Shiver Of Delight Up My Spine

dandelion flowers hover,
stem between fingers

still attached
roots singing songs

luring minerals
and nitrogen
from the secret earth

the palette
of summer

hopeful yellow,
tickling azure
and whispering white

regenerating vibrations
of sunshimmer

blooming across
exposed skin

thundershine smile
riding through the terrain
like a dolphin leaping
out of the river styx

boundaries demolished
by the purity of your laugh

by the way your delicate eyebrows
reach toward the heavens

your eyes,
coquettish sparklers
stalking the entire arc
of history

space-time cooked
patiently into ambrosial desserts
which caress my tongue
with orchestral flavor

soaring higher
and higher

into the july

an explosion
of contentment

secure in the realization
that this poet’s journey

focused wholly on discovering
your untamed spirit

was and will always be
an astounding success

a tribute to
cosmic synchronicity

twin flames flickering audaciously
in the sultry calm of twilight

your mellifluous voice
eternally ripe upon the wind

your heart flawlessly absorbing
even the darkest wavelengths
of my rambunctious
and mercurial essence

across the universe
there are uncountable daytime skies
with two, three, or more suns
filling horizons with wonderment

and a multiplicity of moons
that speak to each other
in between the huddles silence of night

now that we bathe
in the immaculate poetry
of shared experience

our pasts
coaxed into unbitter

a fusillade
of hope’s innumerable bullets

striking bullseye
every time

an archer
splitting the arrow
of the universe

with the power
of our connection

and we grow
with every second

and words
are never enough

but focus
for a moment

on the flower
in my hand

turning sunlight
into delicate sensations

a boy’s hair
blowing in the wind

a girl’s heart
beating out a thunderous applause

the cadence
of true love

across the stars

I am

and you
are mine

and when I whisper
in your ears

that you are the most beautiful vista
in the entire universe

you understand
what I mean

and I savor the way you return
every glint of starkiss

from your eyes
to mine

and this poem
is a flurry of snow

blanketing an ocean consciousness

and because of you
I am simply letting it be
what it is

a dandelion bloom
placed gently in your hair

a gift
for the only soulmate
I shall ever know




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Juggernaut Of Yearning


Reflections (Poem By Rianne, Music By Me)





Oh coral sands
Salted sea air
Alone, with myself
Though in touch with Her

Open arms

I am waiting for mercy
She does not show
Any vital signs
Oh how I long to see
Through Her eyes

I am waiting for
A prospect on possibilities
Of feeling human
For the very first time
And experience emotions

My body escapes me
To exile reclusively
Some say I was of man
Some say I was of earth
Cadavered moss

Placenta swims
Out into the ocean
Sea’s echo cauldrons
meandering mind

Now, breathe
Under your surface
There are wolf traps
Out in the woods
Come with me

Now, child…

Come with me
Hear the calling
Starlit night


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Holding The Bruised Rose Blossoms Of An Attempted Genetic Rinse

Juggernaut Of Yearning