Kiss Me In The Endless Moonlight

My sweet girl,
I hungrily await your invaluable embrace.

Today each moment is a thoughtful step
ascending this blissful monument to tenderest possibility;

as our hearts sing with wild abandon
the poignant lullaby of belonging begins to build.

Long ago,
before matter coalesced into coherence,
two destinies had already forged into one.

And now,
as our riotous chorus draws near,
we ride the wave of existence
into this astounding crescendo of harmonious unification.

I feel the purity of your heart
splashing against the canvas of our lives.

I cherish the way your bravery and strength
delineate and perfect the finest details.

My own masterpiece will finally be complete
when our hands caress,
when our lips lock,
when our eyes speak with an eternal longing that lights up the sky.

Poetry revealed to you the path to my heart,
and you did not hesitate,
my lavished one:
you answered the wild howl of my soul
with your own staggering song of sublime love,
exactly when the moment struck.

So everything that I am is yours,
and I am so jubilant that you not only tolerate my rambunctiousness,
but crave it with an intensity that mirrors my own.

I absolutely adore you,
in a way that cannot be translated into art,
no matter how elegant and flawlessly engineered.

Only you can understand the way our bond
has transformed space and time.

Only you can know the transformative power
of our every caress and kiss.

a single universe becomes many.

And together,
we shall explore those ferocious skies,
one dizzying constellation at a time.

Venus, Kiss Me As The Shadows Sway, Hold Me Until The Stars Become Our Eyes

Your revitalizing love nurtures and protects my heart every day,
coaxing out my skittish true self more and more
as your astounding acceptance of my wild,
mercurial soul steadily heals over the crude scars of doubt and shame
brought about by the stifling decades of heart dislocation.

You are a vibrant storyteller,
a soothing breeze on the cheeriest summer day.

You are a healer of the highest order,
painting rejuvenated landscapes across the ruins of my past.

It is my honor to see you dance splendidly in the fullness of sunlight,
your heart always dressed up in the vivaciousness of spring.

I ask how it is possible for the byzantine labyrinth of my soul
to be so easily navigated by your fluttering wings of love?

It can only be because you have been here before,
countless times in a past we cannot fathom,
your hands in my hands,
your lips thrust against mine,
as lifetime after lifetime,
we carried Love into the future,
flames of eternity burning uncontrollably in our euphoric eyes.

Two Lives Forged Into Shape Of A Poem

Each day
you educate my heart on
how to extend the boundaries
of love and intimacy.

Each moment,
the jubilant rhythm
of our synchronized heartbeats
showers every corner of the universe
with precious understanding,
that rarest gift that only true love can offer up.

Your breathtaking intelligence
and riotous spirit rise like binary suns,
flooding the verdant planet of my mind
with life-sustaining sunshine.

For without you,
I am left to struggle
in the cascading inadequacy of darkness.

The piercing epiphany
of our unscripted heart-dance
shall never diminish in size
nor fade in intensity.

each day of our lives
will feel like a single step
in the greatest performance
the universe has ever seen.

Defying all logic,
our already infinite adoration
for each other will steadily expand
like voracious foliage reclaiming
a blackened forest floor:
the naked carbon of regeneration
blazing in our tidally locked eyes.

Entire universes shall erupt from each caress,
as novel laws of nature burst into being
to the sounds of our furious and delicate love-making.

And we begin to let go of the fears
that have always held us back
from being the uncontaminated versions of ourselves
that exist in our cores.

Before the masks we wear came out,
before we filtered away our natural boisterousness
in an effort to hide away the children of our hearts
there was only the desire to run free
across the landscapes of our minds,
to dance triumphantly in the vivacious wildflowers
that bloom from beneath our unheavy footsteps
like the giant swirl of Jupiter’s greatest storm.

The intoxicating brew of our savage kiss
is a study in audaciousness,
an epic placard of honesty that says loudly:
we are here,
hand in hand,
stepping across the universe in supreme simultaneity,
ascending the resplendent staircase of transcendence,
two sentient beings boldly feasting upon the astonishing elixir of love’s intimacy.

Dream lover,
your staggering waterfall of gorgeousness
surrounds my turbulent skies with the entire spectrum of light:
wavelengths of incalculable appreciation that always lift my spirit higher,
into the vast reaches of our mountainous stronghold of togetherness.

The multifaceted sculpture of love’s magnificence
that I erected in every corner of the cosmos
using only the ink from my crimson pen
and the volcanic lava of my insatiable desire:
how meager you have revealed it to be!

How small a dream,
which I thought was the size of the heavens,
until you burst all preconceptions of what is possible,
surpassing every single wish that I had thrust into the ether
and ostentatiously revealing so many more that I had failed to imagine at all.

These are not the final stanzas of a poem,
this is instead the beginning of a lifetime of poetry,
from the moment we wake in the morning,
to the instant we drift away to sleep.

Our love is an eternal sunrise,
incomprehensible to others,
a language of our own,
a kiss that never ends,
two hearts that have become one,
two minds that can never be separated.

I love you.

And saying so is woefully inadequate,
yet say it I will,
again and again,
and again,
and again.

Unmasked And Vulnerable, We Dance Our Indestructible Dance, Hand In Hand, Forging Our Love In The Everlasting Crucible Of Starlight

my darling soulmate,
is suddenly emblazoned onto the heavens
with a thrilling lightning strike that flawlessly elucidates
our blissful constellation of true love.

Nothing I could ever whisper
into your eternally blossoming heart
could sufficiently delineate the incendiary geometry
of this supernova of astonishment.

Even before our tsunami of ravishing touch
floods all that we know with quicksilver resilience,
the paradigm shift of our love
has healed the monumental fissures of the past.

I called out into the darkness of space and time,
projecting the flaming beacon of my soul,
a signpost to lead you home:
into my arms,
and out of my dreams.

I am only here because of the gravity
that has been drawing us together
for as long as the stars have dared to taunt the night.

I feel utterly honored,
and fulfilled.

To you,
I pledge my life.

My devotion to you will never waver,
because I could never have survived this long
without the breath of life called hope
that you sent to my heart every day,
bypassing time,
breaking the laws of physics
with the mysterious curvature
of your sublime heart.

I love you,
and I love you,
and I love you,
and I love you.

Drowning In The Simplicity Of A Midnight Kiss

Whispers, like pillows of comfort, wash down upon you, and time fades away as the swirl of dreamtime prepares to begin.  A kind, strong heart beats wildly in the dark of night.  And the ocean swells and sighs, content to gently taste the shores of another existence, where the world is smaller, where possibilities still twinkle like happy stars.

Do I Tremble From The Cold, Or From The Turbulence Of Your Midnight Kiss

Beautiful dreamer,
you bring magic into my life,
and tears of joy fall from my eyes.

I am alone,
except for the steady rhythm of the rain,
but still you grace my heart
with your soulful presence.

I revel in the way you truly listen,
and I also drink in what I can,
however limited my earthly memory,
however large my desire to kiss and caress you.

how long I have searched
for your intoxicating center.

As sleep blooms
I am made whole again,
and the night is tranquil,
and the night is still.

A Bewitching Interlude That Crescendos Like Raindrops Falling From The Sun

under the harvest moon,
I held you softly,
and kissed
all the parts of you
that were left jagged
and bewildered by the harsh edges of
life’s slings and arrows,
would you return the glint of starlight
from your eyes to mine?

Would you understand
that the way the clouds
drift toward us as our hearts beat in unison,
is the same way the sun rises
and puts to bed the shadows of night?

Your wild heart
speaks to mine,
in the language
of my homeland,
and I can feel the cadence
of the starry sky in the enchanting vista
painted by your sultry voice.