In The Ancient Language Of Rebellion, We Scrawl A Sound Across The Glowing Horizon


her serenading song
echoes out of Africa

bound for the supermassive singularity
that stabilizes our hearthfire galaxy

a hungry-hearted vision quest
embarked upon

midnight whispers

like satin laces untied
and falling

bare human skin
delicately balanced upon
the sturdiness of geology

entangled quantum edges
caressed with the bullet hole

cosmic boasting
of fingertips touching

entropy quelled
in the electromagnetism
of the inherent silkiness
of touch and release

epic cycles of common sense

pretty alien machine eyes
stalking prey

in the full light
of a ferocious star

the transparent
kiss of new beginnings

fogging scintillating

until we emerge
crescendoed with stolen breath

splattered into giddy blots
of abstract art

the mystery of love
throttling unrepentantly
in the orgasmic half darkness

yet in truth I have only
the weakness of haphazard humanity
itching between my toes

so I bow deeply to
the magic of you
which somehow still

splashes us both
with liquid nitrogen embraces
that writhe ecstatically
against the cruelly delineated
boundaries of time’s arrow

shattering us into slowness personified
time’s children caught mid-air

reveling in the blessing
of their twin heavy stares

oh sky top diamond spark shimmer
how do you fuel love’s infinite body ballet?

here I hear the heavens speaking
with mouthfuls of desire
that are somehow not desire

and if only I had more than words for you
brutally carved from the quivering lips

but I am merely a poet marionette
marooned to this asteroid
of sensitivity and outrage

a lone figure shrinking in the distance
as the sound of each plaintive step
hangs like a fruit juicy with longing

and the regenerative shadow
of your beautiful spirit

look how it stretches taller and taller
with each tick of the clock

see the way the kaleidoscope
of your desire

shifts all existence
into fresh perspective

at least

is real

at least

can never
be taken away

because I love you
and I am broken

the stars and your kiss
are tourniquets

so see the reflection
of yourself in my eyes

before we disappear
as if we were never
here at all



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Poetry Books:

Ignite Words And Love Their Echo

Holding The Bruised Rose Blossoms Of An Attempted Genetic Rinse

Juggernaut Of Yearning


Optical Transmission Spectroscopy Of A Non-Terrestrial Exoplanet

Bruised Rose Blossoms

shine pink skies
scent of gardenia

another world

terrace triple moon
with snowy castle peaks

flowers silvery in waves
curling like burnt angry diamonds

molten born

her naked creation,
hair purple entwined

body blossoms
lustrous and star dancing
cello stardust melting the corners of our eyes
with the tallow of emotion
resin rainbow

coaxed recesses
innumerable cells

flourishing mosaic
golden winged fruit

the moment germinates

I claim the velvet curtains
of your sacred azure skin

sacred poetry rampage
flashing flesh memories

utopian spheres fade
behind dew drop clouds

grass chill of night
toes questioning
under a chasm of stars

why did you forge
me from the infinite?

why do neutron stars
power my thoughts

lighting up quantum

knowledge somehow
spreading faster than light

in an instant
we knew the other
had changed

true love entanglement
venomous prayers unheard

a cryptic pharaoh cult
deciphered with blindsight


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Every Step On The Path Of Life Leads Oxygen Is The Flame Of Life And We Are Charcoal Wanderers Lifted Upon The Cosmic Winds Of Combustion

Bruised Rose Blossoms

supersized life
prehistoric monsters
traipsing through
ferocious forest and foliage

bountiful O2

the chemistry of more
evolving colossal muscles

the architecture
of domination

pressed thinly
into the pages
of the past

like gaudy giant wildflower

bold and brilliant
as the regal sun

streaming towards
the sky like high cliff waterfalls

the stunning insects
buzzing or flapping or crawling
to the sound of cooperative symbiosis

webs upon webs
upon webs

the intricate choreography of life
sparking like the rambunctious
geometry of wildfire


but doomed to eventually unravel
like a massive rope
tied to the dove-winged moon

shaking footsteps
fossilized into permanence

tumbling mountain-fallen rocks
headed toward an ocean
teeming with the watery
primordial secret biome
that began it all

like palm trees swaying
as tropical treasure glints

we are starward chests
ripe with rubies

and diamond-studded

whirling blades of chance
wildly forged with…

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A Stellar Conflagration That Sings Like A Choir Of Birds Greeting The First Light Of Dawn (Spoken Word Poetry With Original Music)

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Bruised Rose Blossoms

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Holding The Bruised Rose Blossoms Of An Attempted Genetic Rinse

Juggernaut Of Yearning

Metaphysical Magic

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Turning The Universe Inside Out With The Ravenousness Of Our Aching Hearts

The rivulets of water
pool at our wondering feet.

Vibrant moss cushions the dark event horizons
that unceremoniously yank us inward
like lost children finally found.

Haphazard flight paths of insects
spasmodically surge nearer,
urging our own hands and eyes to react,
and somehow in the reflexiveness
of those twin human movements
both of us realize that the Now
we currently share cannot surpass
the devastating chasm that the earthquake of Us
has inevitably opened up.

Azure firelight flickers above,
memories of tears and bare skin kisses
descend like drunken leaves from distant peaks.

Somewhere below us a sea of mycelium flourishes,
communicating in the language we wish we’d possessed long ago,
pheremones of instinctual gravity networked to perfection,
something to smooth out all the crags and crevices
of our rambunctious emotional landscapes,
transmogrifying the immutable selfishness of mammals into purposeful,
harmonious intent.

we kiss without restraint,
staring down the shattered remnants
of our romantic souls like hungry predators.

Rivulets of water
pool at our wondering feet.

Vibrant moss cushions the dark event horizons
that unceremoniously yank us inward
like lost children finally found.

And for a precarious instant we are one,
suspended on the ripe cliff’s edge,
and not giving a damn whether or not we fall
into the ominous depths below.


My books:

Ignite Words And Love Their Echo

Holding The Bruised Rose Blossoms Of An Attempted Genetic Rinse

Juggernaut Of Yearning

A Fleeting Moment Of Shifting Perspective, Glance Of Insects, Birth Of Suns

drooping animal eyes made of

forested heartbeats
spun into magma seas
of future regeneration

carbon crisis kindling

extinguish me
with the balled-fist
of the angry present

morning dewdrop

surrounding us

pillars of infant dust

sweet starlight kisses
arcing over the meadow

as we race into
the smoky twilight

and aware

I spoke
to your body
with only my eyes

cardboard cutouts
of childhood

softening in the rain

a simple gingerbread house
inside my head

a rippling pond
thirsty with relaxation

orgasmic rings
easing into oblivion

as we touched
and told our skin

everything we ever
needed to know

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Holding The Bruised Rose Blossoms Of An Attempted Genetic Rinse

Juggernaut Of Yearning

Embracing The Geometry Of Two Hungry Circles Awaiting Destiny’s Ecstatic Caress

Flickering orbs of light
daintily pirouette

carving deep wells of horizontal thought
into the distant cave walls.

by gyration

birth dancing shadows
emerge from the unpainted
anthropological canvass
of her moon waltzing heart.

She feeds
on the blood
of a holographic universe

a vampiress
of the verse

her quill composed
of hushed owl wings

a squadron of angry whispers
poised on the galaxy’s edge
sipping deeply
from inky black existence

her pure
mirror soul

a rainbow suffused
with the mystery
of midnight

the oscillating wavelength
of her mind’s delicate intent
ripe with stark blue motion

reaching barehanded
into even the greatest broken-glassed voids

winking wryly at the waves
of the Cosmic Microwave Background

posting that playpen snapshot
of a stumbling baby universe

onto the ostentatious fridge
of her cascading nightime heart.





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Holding The Bruised Rose Blossoms Of An Attempted Genetic Rinse

Juggernaut Of Yearning


Lovesong For The Sick And Disturbed

hearts dangled over
the abyss

perishing flames
of disconnection

in a primate’s reticent eyes

hungry ticks
of the clock

stalking shadow

length of day
creeping across the blooming flowers
which lean so desperately toward the striking sun

for all the scintillation
reality is bound up
in ravenous restraints

binding all those
that traipse upon this planet
of rock and water

the outcast


from the masses

reaching out into
the snowy twilight

sculpting glistening monuments
to the beauty of the moment

to the voracious glory
of letting go

sunset-tinged rafts
head downriver

in their rambunctiousness

yet fear is king

no matter how beautiful
the garden vista

so to hell
with convention
and hesitation

love me like a teenager
drunk with naive belief

for there is truth there
that scales all the emotional fortresses
we build up in adulthood

destroying all the complexities
of our scarred scared places

sears our tearful eyes
with loneliness

but know
that we are the ones
who are righteous

for a truly open heart
always gives everything

spring’s final bloom
in a field of decaying wildflowers

a supernova remnant
barreling wildly into the cosmic unknown

a redolent bouquet
of stellar humanity light years wide

a vivid culmination of lusciousness
flailing through space-time
like a drowning question mark

why is the road
so very long

and why
must I always
traverse it


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Holding The Bruised Rose Blossoms Of An Attempted Genetic Rinse

Juggernaut Of Yearning

Dawn, Forced Into The Shaped Of Words

strong and heartening,
an expansive rinsing of the soul
that hangs delicately like a single,
thoughtful teardrop

so full
with meaning
and wonder

we are hungry flowers,
absorbing protective energy
as entropy lengthens our shadows,
stalking the hot star cauldron above,
a constant quiet companion
gifting us with the terrifying complexity
of sentience

that ache of love and longing,
that kaleidoscopic fever dream
where we wander long halls filled with resplendent paintings,
where ancient oak tables simmer in sturdiness,
haunting handwritten poems carved into expressive planks,
a high cliff dive into lives bled out into history,
a time when candlelight and quill
softly etched modest sound and scent
into the mystifying corners of midnight

this heart thunderously beats
as galaxies churn and collide

and I am starving to touch your body,
to elucidate your soul with awakening,
a storm of passion delineating the wistful outline of Truth,
meandering lines emblazoned upon ancient scrolls,
moments captured inside of moments,
rainbows of delightful intention destined to deteriorate into oblivion,
memories crackling brightly like a masterpiece of literature
torn out and piled up and engulfed in flames

love is what remains
when all the forests of the world
are turned to soil-enriching black carbon

may we rise like tender green sprouts
from the fields of black,
spurred on from soft rain and fierce photons

kissing and making love
amongst the inevitable explosion of fresh new life
which rises so joyfully from the soil
that we almost forget how the acorn of existence
derives its magnificent beauty from the sorrow of loss

my darling,
even the most unfathomable galaxies
eventually have an ending

so let me caress the delicate lines
of your fingers

and tell me
that there are dreams
somewhere in your heart
that make you want to paint the sky