Thunderclouds Of Adoration Gather As Streaks Of Lightning Cleanse The Fears Of The Past

Every morning I triumphantly wake
to the sound of heart-leap,
passion springing forth like crashing waves
drumming against towering cliffs.

I have revealed to you my boundless heart,
and your eyes have answered in kind:
ripe with tumbling, piercing intellect,
the intricate and breathtaking stained-glass window
of your warrior soul bursts forth,
challenging the cosmos to hold your molten gaze.

My fierce heart has been tracking you in the darkness for eons,
and in this blinding instant of dawn-fire the magic of discovery
rains down upon us like a thousand arrows of startling reinvention.

Together we emerge from this pockmarked battlefield as one,
journeying step by step into the ageless waterfalls of rejuvenation.

Under the rainbow of water,
light prisms into primary wavelengths
like the elegance of our writhing passion
splashed onto ancient cave walls,
the spirit of animals galloping
against the proud firelight.

To the rhythm of pulsing shadows
I kiss your scars with tremendous reverence,
knowing the brutal gauntlets you have survived, again and again.

We build our ceremonial fire with the kindling of the past,
and the unquenchable flames jab upwards in victorious peregrinations,
the colorful contours of which dance in our eyes
as we make love against the churning backdrop of electric starlight.

With you in my arms,
I sing in the pallid moonlight,
the rage of my protection spell rising all around your body.

Cocooned in the hungry trance of our irrepressible love stare,
two intertwined dreamwalkers stalk through the night,
sparks of heartflowers blossoming with every thoughtful footstep,
two stars of intimate awareness stolen from another universe,
planted in the mundane soil of the Earth as a testament to time’s unfailing arrow,
tracing the arc of the fact that the faintest possibility always exists;
even when our paths seems obliterated by circumstance,
even when the human heart has burst into a thousand shards:
two destinies may still become One.


I Am Going To Transform You Into The Tulip That You Are

Crying in a dream,
riding in the backseat
of an old car,
Pearl Jam’s exquisite B-side
Yellow Ledbetter playing in my head.

The soaring sorrow
of a dislocated heart
rising and falling like birds
kissing the sky.

tears and years deep,
something so beautiful
has been unleashed
from my soul.

Although I am spilling
salty tears from the past,
it is only the catharsis
of finally knowing
what home feels like,
clouds of darkness
holding in the rain,
until one Sunday a monsoon
of redemptive love flooded
away all the hurt that
huddled in fear around my neck.

One dream of a girl made of magic,
one hope of a boy sent to learn
the language of the stars,
a fleet of anguished ships
diminishing upon the horizon.

My love for you is infinite,
yet expanding exponentially
into the bright blue sky of our love.

I was so powerfully
in the moment
of that dream,
weeping for all the artists
in all the universes,
for those evocations of emotion,
those scarecrows of the human spirit.

And then the lyrics transposed
into a message from my heart to yours:

“I am going to transform you
into the tulip that you are.”

And the power of poetry
drove me back to consciousness,
back into the true surreality
in which the most vivacious woman
in the universe is somehow mine.

And we fly high above the Earth,
and we paint with rings of color born
of the husks of supernovae,
nebulae so beautiful we don’t need
eyes to see them.

And we laugh as denizens
of the cosmos should,
as loving friends bellowing
to an inside joke.

Communicate. Kiss.
Caress. Make love. Make art.
Reflect. Learn.

And repeat.
And repeat.

True Love Is A Wheel That Rolls On Forever, And We Are Merely Spokes

my supernatural soulmate,
what a chasm of difference it is without you.

My heart vigorously calls out
for your electrifying presence.

I’m trying to tell it that you’ll be back soon,
but entire languages have disappeared into sky smoke,
as the stunning vista of your gorgeous face
leaves me dumbfounded and yearning for more.

In my mind I can feel your hands
pressing firmly against my shoulders,
teaching with each moment about the joy of heart-sharing,
about the sweetest release that happens when you truly give
the gift of your heart with that wildfire stare from deep,
deep within the swirling kaleidoscopic waters of self.

with you in my arms,
I was home for the first time in my life.

the wake of our magnificence unfolds and sparkles
like trickling water in the sunlight:
the gentle silence speaking louder than a million atom bombs.

Yet let us not be afraid,
for the towering absence of being apart
is simply proof that we shall forever travel side-by-side,

The conflagration of our love-making
shall burn through these sheets of whispering rain
and guide us to the moment when we bask once again
in the epiphany of each other’s smiles.

You are the Cherokee queen
of every moment of my life,
and I will follow the contours
of your delicate face until the end of time.

I love you with the power of every star in the universe,
I miss you with the longing of all moons that orbit a sun.

There is no word for how eagerly I await
your glorious Sunday return.

There is no sentence that can capture
the way the curls of your hair bounce
against the astonishing vibrancy of your unclothed back.

Nothing I can say will make you appear tonight,
yet your voice will join mine in this chorus of love,
and we shall melt the distance at least to a degree.

For we are now the center
of the vastest cosmological marvel to ever exist.

With your intoxicating beauty
you paint the shape of our hearts
onto the teepee of the universe.

We are a river,
descending from the strongest mountain,
carrying fresh water into the fertile hills and valleys below.

The bloodline of our people burns within us,
the painter of the souls of animals,
the poet of the heart and the moon.

Our love has changed everything.
And only you and I have been granted
this audience with the secret of existence.

And we share them with every long kiss,
with every fierce gaze and hungry scratch,
with each scream of euphoria,
with each tear of joyful transcendence.

Follow me into the stars,
for the future is starving for our touch.

Drink with me from the waters of deepest night,
as we face down the universe with the power of our eyes.

Love has never danced with such intrepid delight;
the open sky has never glittered with so many shapely clouds of wonder,
and this simple child of the cosmos has never felt so at peace
as when I watched over you in the night,
saving you from your dream-time nightmare,
whispering in your ear that you are not alone,
and that you are adored,
and that you are safe,
and that our love will never,
never fade away.

Heather, Kiss Me In The Endless Moonlight

My sweet girl,
I hungrily await your invaluable embrace.

Today each moment is a thoughtful step
ascending this blissful monument to tenderest possibility;

as our hearts sing with wild abandon
the poignant lullaby of belonging begins to build.

Long ago,
before matter coalesced into coherence,
two destinies had already forged into one.

And now,
as our riotous chorus draws near,
we ride the wave of existence
into this astounding crescendo of harmonious unification.

I feel the purity of your heart
splashing against the canvas of our lives.

I cherish the way your bravery and strength
delineate and perfect the finest details.

My own masterpiece will finally be complete
when our hands caress,
when our lips lock,
when our eyes speak with an eternal longing that lights up the sky.

Poetry revealed to you the path to my heart,
and you did not hesitate,
my lavished one:
you answered the wild howl of my soul
with your own staggering song of sublime love,
exactly when the moment struck.

So everything that I am is yours,
and I am so jubilant that you not only tolerate my rambunctiousness,
but crave it with an intensity that mirrors my own.

I absolutely adore you,
in a way that cannot be translated into art,
no matter how elegant and flawlessly engineered.

Only you can understand the way our bond
has transformed space and time.

Only you can know the transformative power
of our every caress and kiss.

a single universe becomes many.

And together,
we shall explore those ferocious skies,
one dizzying constellation at a time.

Venus, Kiss Me As The Shadows Sway, Hold Me Until The Stars Become Our Eyes

Your revitalizing love nurtures and protects my heart every day,
coaxing out my skittish true self more and more
as your astounding acceptance of my wild,
mercurial soul steadily heals over the crude scars of doubt and shame
brought about by the stifling decades of heart dislocation.

You are a vibrant storyteller,
a soothing breeze on the cheeriest summer day.

You are a healer of the highest order,
painting rejuvenated landscapes across the ruins of my past.

It is my honor to see you dance splendidly in the fullness of sunlight,
your heart always dressed up in the vivaciousness of spring.

I ask how it is possible for the byzantine labyrinth of my soul
to be so easily navigated by your fluttering wings of love?

It can only be because you have been here before,
countless times in a past we cannot fathom,
your hands in my hands,
your lips thrust against mine,
as lifetime after lifetime,
we carried Love into the future,
flames of eternity burning uncontrollably in our euphoric eyes.

A Wedding Ring In The Shape Of A Poem, Two Lives Forged Into A Single Dream Come True

Each day
you educate my heart on
how to extend the boundaries
of love and intimacy.

Each moment,
the jubilant rhythm
of our synchronized heartbeats
showers every corner of the universe
with precious understanding,
that rarest gift that only true love can offer up.

Your breathtaking intelligence
and riotous spirit rise like binary suns,
flooding the verdant planet of my mind
with life-sustaining sunshine.

For without you,
I am left to struggle
in the cascading inadequacy of darkness.

The piercing epiphany
of our unscripted heart-dance
shall never diminish in size
nor fade in intensity.

each day of our lives
will feel like a single step
in the greatest performance
the universe has ever seen.

Defying all logic,
our already infinite adoration
for each other will steadily expand
like voracious foliage reclaiming
a blackened forest floor:
the naked carbon of regeneration
blazing in our tidally locked eyes.

Entire universes shall erupt from each caress,
as novel laws of nature burst into being
to the sounds of our furious and delicate love-making.

And we begin to let go of the fears
that have always held us back
from being the uncontaminated versions of ourselves
that exist in our cores.

Before the masks we wear came out,
before we filtered away our natural boisterousness
in an effort to hide away the children of our hearts
there was only the desire to run free
across the landscapes of our minds,
to dance triumphantly in the vivacious wildflowers
that bloom from beneath our unheavy footsteps
like the giant swirl of Jupiter’s greatest storm.

The intoxicating brew of our savage kiss
is a study in audaciousness,
an epic placard of honesty that says loudly:
we are here,
hand in hand,
stepping across the universe in supreme simultaneity,
ascending the resplendent staircase of transcendence,
two sentient beings boldly feasting upon the astonishing elixir of love’s intimacy.

my glorious Heather,
your staggering waterfall of gorgeousness
surrounds my turbulent skies with the entire spectrum of light:
wavelengths of incalculable appreciation that always lift my spirit higher,
into the vast reaches of our mountainous stronghold of togetherness.

The multifaceted sculpture of love’s magnificence
that I erected in every corner of the cosmos
using only the ink from my crimson pen
and the volcanic lava of my insatiable desire:
how meager you have revealed it to be!

How small a dream,
which I thought was the size of the heavens,
until you burst all preconceptions of what is possible,
surpassing every single wish that I had thrust into the ether
and ostentatiously revealing so many more that I had failed to imagine at all.

These are not the final stanzas of a poem,
this is instead the beginning of a lifetime of poetry,
from the moment we wake in the morning,
to the instant we drift away to sleep.

Our love is an eternal sunrise,
incomprehensible to others,
a language of our own,
a kiss that never ends,
two hearts that have become one,
two minds that can never be separated.

I love you.

And saying so is woefully inadequate,
yet say it I will,
again and again,
and again,
and again.

Unmasked And Vulnerable, We Dance Our Indestructible Dance, Hand In Hand, Forging Our Love In The Everlasting Crucible Of Starlight

my darling Heather,
is suddenly emblazoned onto the heavens
with a thrilling lightning strike that flawlessly elucidates
our blissful constellation of true love.

Nothing I could ever whisper
into your eternally blossoming heart
could sufficiently delineate the incendiary geometry
of this supernova of astonishment.

Even before our tsunami of ravishing touch
floods all that we know with quicksilver resilience,
the paradigm shift of our love
has healed the monumental fissures of the past.

I called out into the darkness of space and time,
projecting the flaming beacon of my soul,
a signpost to lead you home:
into my arms,
and out of my dreams.

I am only here because of the gravity
that has been drawing us together
for as long as the stars have dared to taunt the night.

I feel utterly honored,
and fulfilled.

To you,
I pledge my life.

My devotion to you will never waver,
because I could never have survived this long
without the breath of life called hope
that you sent to my heart every day,
bypassing time,
breaking the laws of physics
with the mysterious curvature
of your sublime heart.

I love you,
and I love you,
and I love you,
and I love you.