These Earthly Vessels Cannot Prevent Us From Exploring The Cosmos With A Wink And A Smile

These Earthly Vessels Cannot Prevent Us From Exploring The Cosmos With A Wink And A Smile by Wordsinger

The way the stars will shine,
the way your heart rises to greet the night
the emotion of your eyes
the countless thoughts floating in your sky.

Whether or not the universe reveals all its secrets,
whether or not our lives branch out like an infinite tree,
I know I’ll be searching for you in every wavelength,
I will be dreaming of you and I.

Never doubt that who you are is beautiful,
and where I want to be.

Always know that tomorrow,
I’ll be dreaming of us,
existing together in perfect synchrony.

It Is Only On The Doorstep Of Introspection That We Find Our True Selves

Sifting mindlessly through
the emotional wreckage of her heart,
the girl with the stark, haunted eyes,
turns her soul’s cannon loose,
from its desiccated mooring.

She fires volley
after volley
into the obsidian night sky,
the fear of betrayal
dancing like water
dropped from a great height.

In time the waking dream subsides,
her glasses come off as she rubs
her tired eyes, bound for
the dresser drawer, they make
a noise not dissimilar to the
clunk-clank of her neglected heart as it yanks
at the thick chains that
surround its murky crimson epicenter.


Underneath it all
I have nothing to fear
because you are not here

This is not a love song
this is just a broken heart
bleeding on a keyboard

There are many ways
the pain of life can get you down

There are a thousand moments
to crush you into dust

And no matter how you live
no one can take the crown
of thorns that dig into your skin
and cover this battleground


As Springtime Softly Shimmers In Our Hearts, Gravity Pulls Us Closer Together

When the flowers bloom,
do you hear them singing
your name upon the wind?

Sweet starchild,
your eyes hold a universe of promise.

Burst forth from the supernova’s cauldron,
you and I have waited for billions of years
to gather our heavy elements together,
in tender anticipation of the wondrous opportunity
to share time and space (oh, the things we’ll get to see).

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