Lovesong For The Sick And Disturbed

hearts dangled over
the abyss

perishing flames
of disconnection

in a primate’s reticent eyes

hungry ticks
of the clock

stalking shadow

length of day
creeping across the blooming flowers
which lean so desperately toward the striking sun

for all the scintillation
reality is bound up
in ravenous restraints

binding all those
that traipse upon this planet
of rock and water

the outcast


from the masses

reaching out into
the snowy twilight

sculpting glistening monuments
to the beauty of the moment

to the voracious glory
of letting go

sunset-tinged rafts
head downriver

in their rambunctiousness

yet fear is king

no matter how beautiful
the garden vista

so to hell
with convention
and hesitation

love me like a teenager
drunk with naive belief

for there is truth there
that scales all the emotional fortresses
we build up in adulthood

destroying all the complexities
of our scarred scared places

sears our tearful eyes
with loneliness

but know
that we are the ones
who are righteous

for a truly open heart
always gives everything

spring’s final bloom
in a field of decaying wildflowers

a supernova remnant
barreling wildly into the cosmic unknown

a redolent bouquet
of stellar humanity light years wide

a vivid culmination of lusciousness
flailing through space-time
like a drowning question mark

why is the road
so very long

and why
must I always
traverse it


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