I Am Going To Transform You Into The Tulip That You Are

Crying in a dream,
riding in the backseat
of an old car,
Pearl Jam’s exquisite B-side
Yellow Ledbetter playing in my head.

The soaring sorrow
of a dislocated heart
rising and falling like birds
kissing the sky.

Star-kissed lover,
tears and years deep,
something so beautiful
has been unleashed
from my soul.

Although I am spilling
salty tears from the past,
it is only the catharsis
of finally knowing
what home feels like,
clouds of darkness
holding in the rain,
until one Sunday a monsoon
of redemptive love flooded
away all the hurt that
huddled in fear around my neck.

One dream of a girl made of magic,
one hope of a boy sent to learn
the language of the stars,
a fleet of anguished ships
diminishing upon the horizon.

My love for you is infinite,
yet expanding exponentially
into the bright blue sky of our love.

I was so powerfully
in the moment
of that dream,
weeping for all the artists
in all the universes,
for those evocations of emotion,
those scarecrows of the human spirit.

And then the lyrics transposed
into a message from my heart to yours:

“I am going to transform you
into the tulip that you are.”

And the power of poetry
drove me back to consciousness,
back into the true surreality
in which the most vivacious woman
in the universe is somehow mine.

And we fly high above the Earth,
and we paint with rings of color born
of the husks of supernovae,
nebulae so beautiful we don’t need
eyes to see them.

And we laugh as denizens
of the cosmos should,
as loving friends bellowing
to an inside joke.

Communicate. Kiss.
Caress. Make love. Make art.
Reflect. Learn.

And repeat.
And repeat.