Optical Transmission Spectroscopy Of A Non-Terrestrial Exoplanet

Bruised Rose Blossoms

shine pink skies
scent of gardenia

another world

terrace triple moon
with snowy castle peaks

flowers silvery in waves
curling like burnt angry diamonds

molten born

her naked creation,
hair purple entwined

body blossoms
lustrous and star dancing
cello stardust melting the corners of our eyes
with the tallow of emotion
resin rainbow

coaxed recesses
innumerable cells

flourishing mosaic
golden winged fruit

the moment germinates

I claim the velvet curtains
of your sacred azure skin

sacred poetry rampage
flashing flesh memories

utopian spheres fade
behind dew drop clouds

grass chill of night
toes questioning
under a chasm of stars

why did you forge
me from the infinite?

why do neutron stars
power my thoughts

lighting up quantum

knowledge somehow
spreading faster than light

in an instant
we knew the other
had changed

true love entanglement
venomous prayers unheard

a cryptic pharaoh cult
deciphered with blindsight


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Every Step On The Path Of Life Leads Oxygen Is The Flame Of Life And We Are Charcoal Wanderers Lifted Upon The Cosmic Winds Of Combustion

Bruised Rose Blossoms

supersized life
prehistoric monsters
traipsing through
ferocious forest and foliage

bountiful O2

the chemistry of more
evolving colossal muscles

the architecture
of domination

pressed thinly
into the pages
of the past

like gaudy giant wildflower

bold and brilliant
as the regal sun

streaming towards
the sky like high cliff waterfalls

the stunning insects
buzzing or flapping or crawling
to the sound of cooperative symbiosis

webs upon webs
upon webs

the intricate choreography of life
sparking like the rambunctious
geometry of wildfire


but doomed to eventually unravel
like a massive rope
tied to the dove-winged moon

shaking footsteps
fossilized into permanence

tumbling mountain-fallen rocks
headed toward an ocean
teeming with the watery
primordial secret biome
that began it all

like palm trees swaying
as tropical treasure glints

we are starward chests
ripe with rubies

and diamond-studded

whirling blades of chance
wildly forged with…

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A Stellar Conflagration That Sings Like A Choir Of Birds Greeting The First Light Of Dawn (Spoken Word Poetry With Original Music)

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Bruised Rose Blossoms

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Holding The Bruised Rose Blossoms Of An Attempted Genetic Rinse

Juggernaut Of Yearning

Metaphysical Magic

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Untameable Butterfly Emanations That Pierce The Infinite Sky Into Synchronicity

Bruised Rose Blossoms

The riotous rubric of a sharp rush of words
burrows deeply into delighted soulshadows,
shimmering and echoing like a crystalline, starlit cavern;

Firemouth is an eternal dragon yearning to be grounded,
yet missing only a single scale.

Witness how the elegance of her bended knees
and raucous flowering hair pulls the bowstring taut
as she center-strikes in a mountainous thunderclap.

Most majestic of muses,
you are irreplaceable and magnificent,
a beautiful chainbreaker,
a key for a lock that forgot it was a lock.

As burnt midnight rises with smoky delerium
this mountaintop chest alights on wings of insatiable singularities,
heartshapes that ruby-kiss blinking eyes into fluttering reverie;
parallel worlds sit boldly upon a old wooden table like a wizard’s wand waiting,
specters of possibility haunting the halcyon hills of a stardust-born species.

And the soft spray of your ornate waterfall
blossoms into thrilling understanding.

Soaring into the flames of…

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The Thrilling Exuberance Of Starlight Is Fuel For The Dancing Engines Of Our Hearts

Bruised Rose Blossoms

adoration swiftly rises
like helicopter blades
chopping into stark night sky

thunder of trumpets blaring
whirl of bold and righteous hips

my eyes flow and flow
with the blood of hunger

blasting beyond
the banality of daily life


fully immersed in the molten spine
of our irresistible momentum

the tender polarity of your tears
caressing like oval drops of sentience

shelter from entropy
after hellacious hailstorms

your vulnerable face delicate
yet ocean powerful

your smile a gargantuan fist smashing entire galaxies
into prismatic fragments of expanding nebulae

visible and dark matter
bent to your will

Oh curvaceous blacksmith beauty queen
I cherish the way you hammer
all my songs and poems
into rings of delightful permanence

lemonade kisses
for a summer day

the cosmological constant
throwing everything apart
faster and faster as faster
we love we love we

know we know we
dream we dream with…

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Even Underneath The Darkest Spaces Of Our Silence, We Join Hands

Bruised Rose Blossoms

presses against
the dream of your body
like soft sensuous whispers
underneath covers

thump thump
lips pretty,
heart golden

love says hello,
soaring sunrise

make love
with only parallel eyes

stretch days of spring
then whisper goodnight

as we glint like raindrops
basking in dawn’s crawling light

our quills full of poesy
share unconditional gifts of Self

unlocking this floating mansion
of yearning

unfurling its spiral staircases
of infinities

teaching our thundering

how to ascend
each rugged step of adoration

as the sun
is meant to travel
across many skies

we traverse the rivers
of togetherness

journeying onward,
fractal edges locking into place,
feral intricacies splashing
like youthful feet in a summer creek

as cloudboom laughter weaves
the precise coordinates of our sleek,
moonrising hearts into cosmic alignment,
a tapestry of delirious completion emerges

we face down existence
with flurry after flurry of fierce raven…

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The Incendiary Transmutation Of Our Astonishing And Indomitable Skylight

Bruised Rose Blossoms

The resounding agility
of your prismatic love beacon
strikes wildly across my internal horizon

the hunger of nightime
coalesced into effervescent lightning strikes

a high mountain storm kiss,
the blissful balm of your lips
showering the devastated landscape
of my fluctuating consciousness
with astonishing neon rejuvenation;

vivaciousness intricately stacked atom by atom
by the great wall of your unfathomable essence.

A riotous horde of
scintillating flakes of gold
descends boldly from the atmosphere’s edge.

Twin flames ignite the cosmos
with the indescribable intensity
of prison-breaking gravitational waves,
fierce dragonbreath singularities
exploding into the brittle stillness
like the eerie rays of dawn’s final light
before the instant of volcanic eruption:

the fragile silhouette of the village below
ripe with heartbreaking illumination,
the arc of their lives stretched out
across the vastness of existence,
preserved like insects in amber
by the molten gaze of the tornado’s watchful eye.


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