As She Presses The Flowers Into My Skin, The Universe Becomes Our Castle

This luscious lily is a star gazer,
flush with the fever dreams of forever love,
intent on building our wildflower throne ever higher.

Bare skin,
thumping heart,
a flourishing hearth of smiles
overwhelming the candle lit darkness.

We are galaxies triumphantly colliding
somewhere in the blissful matrix
of vast and unhindered interstellar spaces.

Pressing my lips to your face,
I know there is nothing worth more
than each swaying tender moment
where I am graciously reflected
in the elevated geometry of your fierce,
hypnotic eyes.

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Cosmic Love Odes and Other Oddities From The Poet Scientist (Featuring My New Book “Ignite Words And Love Their Echo” w Kindle Unlimited & Paperback)

Greetings wise word warriors!  Calibrate your settings for the Center Of The Sun and squeeze the trigger.  Watch as poems, songs, and other space-time oddities emerge while I surf across various singularities, quill in hand, dipping into the inky streams of cosmic consciousness that seems to surround us all like a quantum ocean of devastating possibility…

Ignite Words And Love Their Echo (57 pgs, With Images; paperback, Kindle U)


Holding The Bruised Rose Blossoms Of An Attempted Genetic Rinse (170 pages)

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Juggernaut Of Yearning (26 pgs)

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A Bewitching Interlude That Crescendos Like Raindrops Falling From The Sun

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