Optical Transmission Spectroscopy Of A Non-Terrestrial Exoplanet

Bruised Rose Blossoms

shine pink skies
scent of gardenia

another world

terrace triple moon
with snowy castle peaks

flowers silvery in waves
curling like burnt angry diamonds

molten born

her naked creation,
hair purple entwined

body blossoms
lustrous and star dancing
cello stardust melting the corners of our eyes
with the tallow of emotion
resin rainbow

coaxed recesses
innumerable cells

flourishing mosaic
golden winged fruit

the moment germinates

I claim the velvet curtains
of your sacred azure skin

sacred poetry rampage
flashing flesh memories

utopian spheres fade
behind dew drop clouds

grass chill of night
toes questioning
under a chasm of stars

why did you forge
me from the infinite?

why do neutron stars
power my thoughts

lighting up quantum

knowledge somehow
spreading faster than light

in an instant
we knew the other
had changed

true love entanglement
venomous prayers unheard

a cryptic pharaoh cult
deciphered with blindsight


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