Every Step On The Path Of Life Leads Oxygen Is The Flame Of Life And We Are Charcoal Wanderers Lifted Upon The Cosmic Winds Of Combustion

Bruised Rose Blossoms

supersized life
prehistoric monsters
traipsing through
ferocious forest and foliage

bountiful O2

the chemistry of more
evolving colossal muscles

the architecture
of domination

pressed thinly
into the pages
of the past

like gaudy giant wildflower

bold and brilliant
as the regal sun

streaming towards
the sky like high cliff waterfalls

the stunning insects
buzzing or flapping or crawling
to the sound of cooperative symbiosis

webs upon webs
upon webs

the intricate choreography of life
sparking like the rambunctious
geometry of wildfire


but doomed to eventually unravel
like a massive rope
tied to the dove-winged moon

shaking footsteps
fossilized into permanence

tumbling mountain-fallen rocks
headed toward an ocean
teeming with the watery
primordial secret biome
that began it all

like palm trees swaying
as tropical treasure glints

we are starward chests
ripe with rubies

and diamond-studded

whirling blades of chance
wildly forged with…

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