Embracing The Geometry Of Two Hungry Circles Awaiting Destiny’s Ecstatic Caress

Flickering orbs of light
daintily pirouette

carving deep wells of horizontal thought
into the distant cave walls.

by gyration

birth dancing shadows
emerge from the unpainted
anthropological canvass
of her moon waltzing heart.

She feeds
on the blood
of a holographic universe

a vampiress
of the verse

her quill composed
of hushed owl wings

a squadron of angry whispers
poised on the galaxy’s edge
sipping deeply
from inky black existence

her pure
mirror soul

a rainbow suffused
with the mystery
of midnight

the oscillating wavelength
of her mind’s delicate intent
ripe with stark blue motion

reaching barehanded
into even the greatest broken-glassed voids

winking wryly at the waves
of the Cosmic Microwave Background

posting that playpen snapshot
of a stumbling baby universe

onto the ostentatious fridge
of her cascading nightime heart.





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