The Incendiary Transmutation Of Our Astonishing And Indomitable Skylight

The resounding agility
of your prismatic love beacon
strikes wildly across my internal horizon

the hunger of nightime
coalesced into effervescent lightning strikes

a high mountain storm kiss,
the blissful balm of your lips
showering the devastated landscape
of my fluctuating consciousness
with astonishing neon rejuvenation;

vivaciousness intricately stacked atom by atom
by the great wall of your unfathomable essence.

A riotous horde of
scintillating flakes of gold
descends boldly from the atmosphere’s edge.

Twin flames ignite the cosmos
with the indescribable intensity
of prison-breaking gravitational waves,
fierce dragonbreath singularities
exploding into the brittle stillness
like the eerie rays of dawn’s final light
before the instant of volcanic eruption:

the fragile silhouette of the village below
ripe with heartbreaking illumination,
the arc of their lives stretched out
across the vastness of existence,
preserved like insects in amber
by the molten gaze of the tornado’s watchful eye.

gentle wanderer,
how the sublime beauty
of our parallel heartsong
always rises phoenix-like
from the crumbling ashes of destruction.

See how
the blazing bonfire
of our infinite union
dances on and on.

as one.

as one.







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