50 Trillion Ways To Destroy The Memory Of Her Smile

There is much
to this universe.

Matter that dances
at the subatomic level.

Quarks that fizzle in
and out of existence.

Moments that cannot be quantified,
feelings that will not be returned.

Today it is wintertime
inside my mind.

Today I feel the chill breeze
erupt upon my shivering skin.

My soul is left behind like the skin
of a long gone snake.

I desiccate and begin to rise above the ground;
like wings spreading I welcome the wind’s whispering
as I float away,
suddenly so inconsequential that even gravity
seems to have given up on the entity called me.

I have left the Earth.
I am now a star.
A candle amongst the blackscatter,
a tiny voice joining the chorus,
a pebble, dropped from a chilly mountaintop,
steadily staggering towards the sea.


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