Listen In Silence As The Pitiless Crows Of Space-Time Scatter


I am a tattered sheet

of human parchment,

nailed to the gnarled

and elephantine tree-trunk

of imagination.


None shall ever know

all that I am.



As the feathery cloak of night

calms these floundering eyes


my aching heart

becomes a skylight


each thought lurching high above

the trampoline of my mind.



I am a sliver of sunlight

dancing into a prison cell.


I am the crunch of leaves

under a prowling moon.


The heart-noise I make

sounds like a squadron of crabs

skittering across a neon sidewalk.



I am a cracked anvil vectoring through

the hollow space between the stars.


I speak only in the black language

of galactic reconstruction.


From a billion swirling springtimes

I burst forth with riotous effervescence,

the culmination of countless supernovae.



For eons I hibernated

inside the cavernous belly

of a stellar nursery.



crushed into heavier atomic configuration

by the brutal jaws of gravity,

I surf the blast wave,

barreling wildly into the expanding unknown.


Any Words From Your Brain?

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