Descending Into The Hearth Of Ultimate Devotion, Two Entangled Particles Communicate

Her smile can bring down majestic mountains,
her tears, steal the thunder from the sky.

There are so many suns glittering
in the expansive heaven of her eyes.

I take her hand as life finally begins,
and molecules of our warm breath mingle in the day and in the night.

Deep in the heart of every sun fusion burns ferociously,
with unstoppable momentum,
like the way her heart leaps up to mine,
eternally hungry for my insatiable spirit and unquenchable body.

Starlight glimmers as we drink
from our replenishing fountain
of adoration and understanding.

The cool, twin streams of our swaying eyes
begin to merge into one.

Life has always been a countdown
to the inevitable moment when the fierce hands of destiny
forge our elements together into a protective tapestry of transcendent bliss.

Speak my name, darling of starlight,
and gaze into the depths of my illuminated soul.

My heart shall always be on fire for everything that you are;
I am the Phoenix,
resurrected with every moment that we share,
rebuilt to perfection by every cycle of resplendent resuscitation,
which shrinks the distance between us to only the strong nuclear force
that maintains the sublime integrity of sentience.

Our lips,
our lips,
how delightfully the messages formed from the language of kissing
echo like whispers into the corners of the still night.

As we are bound together
we rise as one into the thundering light of dawn.

The vast riches of your adoring heart
scintillate in the morning sunlight
like the effervescent eyes of youthful delight.

All of our lives we have been building up
to this moment of infallible synchronicity,
like cave crystals softly awakening one delicate drip at a time,
reflecting in the hourglass with glacial patience,
singing a song of inevitability that bestows courage to the darkness.

There is a deluge in our hearts,
and on this delightful cusp of ultimate redemption and immaculate homecoming,
a crescendo of infinite waterfalls erupts like rainbows from our shuddering hearts,
obliterating all the rusty chains of the past,
all the heavy moments of incomprehension and regret
that weighed us down with the lava of indifference.

Our souls shall sing eternally
with the resounding exuberance of youth.

Our eyes shall halt time
as we drink from the chalice
of our synchronous heartbeats.

And togetherness is a word
that we shall redefine one intoxicating moment at a time.

I want to smell your rain,
turn my head and breathe joy into your mouth:
reveal yourself to me, again and again,
two souls perched on the roof of the world,
preparing to glide into the wildflowers of ecstasy,
diving into our storyteller eyes,
fanning the flames of nirvana
with the boisterousness of pure understanding.

the moon is a refreshing smirk,
the stars, a chorus of astounding harmony.

As we boldly caress underneath a twilight sky,
our mental landscapes unfold with a gentle dizziness;
we savor each tick of the clock,
welcoming every instant like a lost heartbeat
finally returning into the purifying blue sky sparkle of home.



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