A Bloodline Sharpened With Shards Of Rock

Since the legs of circumstance kicked us here
we have been steadily unwinding
like the downturned eyes of the unforgiven
as they descend the cruel staircase of life,
one heart-blistering step at a time.

We stumble Cherokee-style
down our own personal trail-of-tears
with hungry bellies and screaming feet
as the brutal trail’s edge knifes our centers,
punctures our lungs until they drain like a bag of sand,
filling time’s footsteps with future diamonds.

The chariot of corpses rolls wickedly by
with babies once cradled in hands
left to be hauled away like broken dolls
whose eyes used to open and close whenever
their center of gravity shifted.

Earth sharpens like an axe
as the rosebuds diminish,
drift groundward.

The curtain rises with ashen twinkles
as the morning star wanes
and bark frosted trees begin to gather daylight
through leaves destined to wistfully descend
past mushroom-speckled trunks.

We form a tidal wave frothing
with the charred breath of a million extinct species
that were poured into the callused corners
of the genetic ditch only to become
anachronistic archeological marvels,
broken pieces of ancient supernova explosions
waiting to be unearthed in even the farthest galaxies,
a distant testament to time’s spent arrow.

Our jumbled particles silently race
into the vibrating decay like unseen owls
swooping into the crackling distance that separates us,
tying us together with infinite quantum strings.

These carefully painted cave walls
are formed of regret that
boiled out of the earth
like tipped over vials of blood.

Earth sharpens like an axe
as the rosebuds diminish,
drift groundward.


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