The Kiss Of Twilight, The Shape Of Your Face

As we tenderly bathe in the promenading half-light,
the sun’s dwindling momentum seeps into the relaxing waters
that softly stream from our sleek-eyed caresses.

Smoothly the life-giving rays of the sunset
fold the day into twisting shadows
that slither across the gnarled,
petrified feet of the ancient trees.

As our fevered bodies press against
the boundaries of the daylight’s edge,
we playfully surf the mirror-like reflections
that flow from our gently glowing eyes.

Before I stumbled into this joy-littered terrain
the spiraling dust trail behind my pale steps
would stretch for miles,
disappearing into smoky nothingness.

Like a dragon’s nostrils at dawn
each new day oozed an obscuring mist,
forcing me into a tentative crouch
as I sluggishly crawled over the swaying rope bridges
of my wandering heart-center.

Eventually these exquisite and volatile echoes
of fiery love-collision may pierce and drain
this glistening lake-on-a-mountaintop,
flooding our sparkling waters of passionate companionship
into the fertile valleys below,
into the fertile valleys below.

But for now,
as the visible light of the sun-bleached hillside retreats:
we revel in the galloping dark’s encroaching oasis.


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