Cool Breeze Of Your Voice, Sunset Upon My Giddy Skin


You are an ocean of twilight,
glimmering upon the lake of my heart.

Warm glow descends behind the trees,
yet your brilliance never diminishes,
merely moves like quicksilver to surround me with Love’s Truth.

Future embrace,
drunk on my true love’s astonishing elixir.

Waves crashing gently on our shuddering shores,
ecstasy of belonging whirling in our hungry eyes.

My hands on your heartbeat,
my lips welcoming you home one kiss at a time,
a staircase to the heavens we effortlessly ascend,
buoyant as helium balloons rising into the clear blue sky.

Eye-light I follow in darkness,
you, my lamp of love,
fortune’s mesmerizing grin splayed out in joyful shadows across your face,
your voice soothing as sunset written out in the crinkle of autumn leaves.

Your glow is a language that never ceases,
the dance of stars filling the backdrop of our blessed lives.

Wind through your hair,
my hand in yours,
the spin of the Earth swirling in our waltzing eyes.


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