After Waiting All Of My Life For You, Now We Begin To Speak In A Language Only Our Bodies Can Understand

Whenever the sun sets, I need you near me.
Whenever the stars sparkle, I hunger for your robust life force.

Whisper to me in the night
on our own island of loving respite,
for the gently launched molecules
of your breath envelop my heart
like the stormy glimmer of moody clouds.

Stalk the hungry horizon
of my quiescent spirit,
for your lips shall always guide me
safely into the hopefulness of the awakening dawn.

Simmer thoughtfully in the soft knowing
of our synchronized vibrations.

Stealthily caressing my future
and past you heal with each moment,
lightning strikes of infinite devotion,
healing shattered segments of oblivion
with the supreme sorcery of your piercing azure eyes;
the seas roil in jealously,
lending the turbulent gravity
of underwater kingdoms to every invigorating kiss.

And touch,
my queen was invented for your hands.

Wandering playfully across my body,
your fingertips teach lessons of bliss
with each sensory stimulus,
an orgy of feeling racing uninhibited
across the aching landscape of my mind.

A bridge to togetherness.

A spiraling stairway climbing
into the glowing heavens.

An abundant rain of the heavy,
glory of the prime lover showering down,
the reason my heart has kept beating,
mind shimmer that cracked the earth
with the pain of being without,
again and again and again.

What paltry ripples of meaning
I carve from the infinitely expanding twilight
of pink knowing that consciousness has thrust upon me!

Yet the music of meaning is the only gift
my heart knows how to construct,
heartbeats pounded into shapes
meant to interface with the intricate geometry
of your fascinating soulsmile.

And all that thunders monumentally down
into the banality of life is reborn as a rambunctious burst of butterflies,
a rainbow that speaks the secret language of my heart,
proposes to me with each sweetly uttered syllable;
silky throated waves of epiphany arising from ancient spaces
underneath this double helix of DNA: wake crying soldier,
for all that you have destroyed with your unwished for anger is made whole again.

A vast swarm of quarks quantum tunnel into wormholes
that lead back into the peacefulness of an idyllic spring day,
a love that forever lifts up these eyes to examine wisps of the reverberating cloudscape.

Flashes of lightning in the night,
shifting images of adoration,
amalgamated from every language the universe could possibly produce,
kissing you under the covers of belonging,
spelled out in brilliant colors against the jagged mountains of past experience.

Sarah, starlight prances in your eyes.

And I lay down before you,
eager to bring our destiny to fruition,
knowingly reaching my hands out,
for your skin is my skin,
and home is a substance only you can offer to me.

For all the palaces of creation,
all the devastating sights and wonders of existence
cannot compare to the infinity of delightful infinities
that roll outward like waves of serenity from the staggering nirvana of your eyes.

Our love is penned into the fabric of the cosmos
by the glittering dance of mathematics and destiny,
by the staggering omnipotence of two becoming one.

Another universe has emerged,
and I am eternally grateful to be awarded
the honor of plumbing your depths,
diving again and again into the intoxicating reaches of you,
glimpsing treasure upon scintillating treasure
through the crystal clear expanse of your vivacious and loving heart.


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