Sarah, Springtime Is A Melody In The Key Of You, Fluttering Like a Butterfly In The Sun

You are my morning light,

blue eyes blooming over the edges

of every horizon.


Your silhouette of raucous perfection

slips eagerly over my heart,

healing the scars of the past

with the heavenly lightning bolts of the present.


This spirit of ultimate regeneration

resides in the precious caress of your voice

as you sing songs of love

against the backdrop of a glittering sky.


This buoyancy of heart

fulfills the prophecy of my soul

as the laughter on your face

blends so sweetly with the rhythms of my mind.


There is nothing more

that you could ever do

because your love is the greatest gift,

bestowed by the purity of your yearning hands,

fueled by the furnace of our incendiary eyes.


I give you all that I am.

I kiss you until the stars drop from the sky.

I wander freely across the lovescape of your mind.


I whisper the secrets of the universe

into the soft spots of your body.


Naked in love, we are transported into a life

that cannot be contained in a single heart.

But together we make the stars twinkle

and smile down from above.


This is eternal,

this is our destiny,

and every day is a blessing,

your lips smashed against mine,

your body shivering with hunger and satisfaction.


The parade of our loving eyes

elucidates the darkness of night,

the boundaries of space-time surpassed

by the synchronicity of our souls.


And I love you.  And I love you.

And I love you.  And I love you…


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