As A Heart Accelerates, Sweet Nothings Careen Into The Devastating Abyss

Is it foolish to still believe
that by reaching out into the darkness
I can light a candle whose flickering light
may eventually swell into a powerful beacon
that guides her magical essence into my life?
Her supernova smile is ripe with quantum fluctuations
that lasso probability clouds around my heart:
she effortlessly outshines entire galaxies with her mesmerizing aura.
the most ravishing woman
I have ever known in my life;
a proton,
accelerated to the speed of light,
hurled into obliteration by energies
not seen since the beginning of time.
You are an eternal flower radiating joyful possibilities;
like a softly whispering stream that leisurely trickles
towards a tranquil bridge of moss and stone,
you maintain a calm and intriguing playfulness.
Gazing into your intoxicating visage has left me standing
in an open meadow bustling with a bounty of brilliant-hued wildflowers;
as the staggering quintessence of spring is boldly thrust into my senses,
a most delicious gift of vertigo brings me safely to the ground.

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