Butterflies Flutter, Nebulas Expand, Hearts Sing

Closed doors open
when I hear your voice
sharing the way the universe
expands into your tender horizon.

Silence is rustled by the strike of a clock
deep in the stillness of night,
when we dream simultaneously,
imagining shrinking space-time until
only you and I exist:

there floating in the ether,
there dancing on the white-hot stars,
there kissing under every sun’s shimmering twilight.

We glow,
knowing how each heavenly caress
frees our hearts from loneliness.

We speak,
and are both heard
as the rare flowers of understanding
bloom in succession to the sound
of our bountiful voices synchronizing,
swimming as one in the joyful ocean
of togetherness that rises and falls
like the heaving of your sweet chest
when I slowly lean forward to give you a kiss.

Oh, how the playful flutter of your eyes
skips and weaves my body into a straightjacket
of wanting.

All that I am is yours,
here in the tender half-light,
here in the calming arms of true belonging,
and nothing in existence could ever
reach the summit of our love,
for such heights defy the limits of imagination,
one day at a time,
as the distance between us diminishes
with each word we share,
with each moment our hands
are metaphorically bound as we continue our journey,
one that shall last for as long as we swallow
the pulsating sights and sounds of this astonishing universe.


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